Greendale Veterinary Diagnostics Limited

Greendale is a veterinary laboratory with expertise in the fields of companion animal, exotic, zoo, wildlife, equine and farm animal disease investigation.

Greendale has been carrying out laboratory work for over twenty years now offering its clients a personalised, high quality, great value service. Our clients include veterinary surgeons in practice, zoos, industry, universities etc. Greendale’s success is due to our belief that the customer always comes first. Each client is therefore treated as an individual and not simply a number on our database.

We have a dedicated and highly trained team who can assist our clients in all their diagnostics needs. With over 500 tests to choose from, and many profiles designed for each species, practices can be assured that we take our core values very seriously in order to deliver this first class service.

Tom and Misha Dolphins

Greendale were very pleased to have helped in the rehabilitation and release back into the wild of the two Dolphins Tom and Misha in Turkey.

They were rescued, from captivity in a cruel, filthy and toxic environment by the born free organisation

Greendale carried out most of the bacteriology, parasitology, haematology, biochemistry and cytology from the samples that were sent in by John Knight a Veterinary surgeon from British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) who are responsible for the treatment and return to health of the Dolphins.

Lets hope this sets an example and that others can be returned to their natural environment. As usual Greendale is always pleased to help with our expertise.