Lungworm Screening Profile

Lungworm screening - Greendale Veterinary Diagnostics

You will be aware that, lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum (sometimes called French heart worm), is on the increase in areas of the UK.

There have been known tragic cases of pets having had the symptoms of coughing, dyspnoea, clotting disorders and neurological problems (as demonstrated below). In these cases, lungworm has not been considered, with the potential of late or mis-diagnosis.

The table below shows haematology results obtained from an 18 month old male-neutered cocker spaniel with a history of excessive bleeding post-surgery and from a wound. No history of coughing.

Haematocrit 0.36 1/1 Ref 0.37 - 0.55
Red blood Cells 4.83 x 10Λ12/1 Ref 5.50 - 8.50
Platelets 85 x 10Λ9/1 Ref 200 - 500
PT 34 seconds Ref 12 - 17
APTT 122 seconds Ref 71 - 102


Lungworm screening - Greendale Veterinary Diagnostics

A faecal Lungworm (Baermann) test was carried out and numerous Angiostrongylus vasorum larvae were observed. This therefore highlights the importance for testing for Lungworm.

To test for lungworm please collect a three day pooled faecal sample and request LSP on the submission form. We will then do a full Baermann test for a discounted price.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact us on 01483 797707.