Are you missing important Microbiology testing?

Are you missing important diagnostic information from Microbiology testing?

Some statistics for you to think about:

Microscopic examination

An analysis of 1,772 faecal samples received at Greendale Laboratories revealed the following results:

8.9% positive for Giardia

14.6% positive for Campylobacter

6.2% positive for Worm eggs

3.8% positive for Salmonella

24% for possible enteropathogenic

An increasing number of positives for lungworm.

Also, an analysis of 1,784 ear, skin, wound, abscess etc. swabs often revealed unusual results with unexpected antibiotic sensitivities which therefore assume even greater importance in treatment.

These findings probably don't surprise you but what was totally surprising to us was the enormous variation in numbers of the above categories of samples received from various surgeries (of similar capacity), some only submit 1-3 per month and some 40+, with the average number being 19 per month.The point being if your sample number is lower you are probably missing important clinical information.

Are you taking enough samples? If in doubt, or if you wish to discuss any aspect of when sampling is indicated please do not hesitate to contact the laboratory.