Histopathology, Cytology and FNA Testing

At Greendale we process over 450 samples per month for histopathology, cytology and FNA analysis. All preparation work is carried out in-house by our highly experienced biomedical scientists. The art of blocking, cutting and staining tissues requires a high level of experience and expertise, using sophisticated tissue processors, cytospin centrifugation and staining machines.

Who are the slides interpreted by?

Interpretation of the slides is carried out by veterinary pathologists who are all very experienced specialists with post graduate qualifications in the field of histopathology. Greendale benefits from having a team of five hand picked for producing accurate interpretations.

As with all work carried out at Greendale, the histopathologists interpretations are initially looked at by our internal clinical pathologists before they are released. This gives increased level of accuracy, and therefore reassurance that the results produced will be reliable.

How long does it take to carry out the tests?

the past our turnaround times have been 4-6 working days, however, we are now pleased to say that this has been improved to 3-4 working days.

Although most samples are processed in the time stated, it is important to note that turnaround times may take longer if the tissue contains bone and needs decalcifying or if it is a large mass and requires extra time to fix in the formalin.


So in summary, although histopathology interpretation can be very subjective, our results generally produce a good level of quality when compared to other histopathology providers. We also provide a fast and reliable service, working constantly in refining and improving it further. We have a large group of highly trained histopathologists, who between them give a greater level of knowledge base that can interpret even the most difficult of cases.