Veterinary Forensics

In April Jackie Casey, one of our clinical pathologists attended the inaugural conference in the USA on Veterinary Forensics arranged by the ASPCA and the University of Florida Center for Forensic Medicine. This three day conference covered all aspects of veterinary forensics and presentations were given by leading members of the forensics field – both human and animal.

Veterinary Forensics

Topics covered included:

  • Forensic Entomology
  • Case Packaging
  • Crime Scene Procedures, and many more

Participants came from many countries outside the USA. Such was the massive response to this first conference that a decision was made to repeat this meeting annually and to set up the IVFSA to allow co-operation between veterinary forensic practitioners world wide so highlighting the need for high standard professional dealings with evidence in veterinary forensic cases. This will allow increased conviction rates of offenders on all animal abuse/cruelty charges when brought into court.

Greendale Veterinary Diagnostics are pleased to have been part of this new venture and are able to maintain high standards in veterinary forensic cases – please call us on 01483 797707 for further details.