The Wellness Initiative Programme

Wellness Initiative Programme - Greendale Veterinary Diagnostics

The concept of “Wellness” as an important facet in veterinary care is gathering momentum. This will give opportunities for your practice to benefit by improving revenues, which can aid continued growth in these difficult economic times. Your clients and their pets can also benefit from a higher level of care and increased bonding to your practice.

Greendale has been involved in developing Wellness plans in some of our clients' surgeries for the past twelve months. These plans have produced positive responses from both pet owners and the clinics. Wellness profiles, as well as providing baseline parameters and peace of mind, have revealed unexpected results, in some cases resulting in early diagnosis and treatment. Please remember the actual blood test is only part (albeit a very important one) of the Wellness Programme for you to develop in your surgery – our Wellness leaflets are a useful tool in informing your clients about the blood tests but also the importance of regular vaccination, flea and worm control, and twice-yearly health-checks.

If you require Wellness leaflets on blood tests for you to display in your reception area or personally hand out and discuss with your clients then please contact us.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact: Alternatively telephone the laboratory on 01483 797707.